Sunday, February 28, 2010

Red's First Entry
Well I'm finally doing it, adding the "Red" to The Adventures of Dutch and Red... You know it's funny, I have been writing blog posts for my clients for years but when it comes down to writing one for myself, I just really don't know where to start. Introductions sound silly, because chances are if you're reading this, you already know who "Red" is and living like I do with my emotions and opinions right on my sleeve, I am pretty sure you know well... And personally, I feel a little more comfortable saying my opinions, rather than writing them... they change too often to be able to be held that accountable :)

Nonetheless, I'll try to keep some focus to these, maybe cover specific topics, but that's not normally how things go, so bare with me...

As you know, a lot of things have been going on in the world of Dutch and Red... well since it's became a "world of Dutch and Red" a lot of things keep going on, and more seems to keep coming. Which by the way, is wonderful to me... I am sure I will get to a point where I yearn for quiet, stability and routine, but that's not where I am now... now I love all the ideas of new and exciting things to come .. not knowing exactly what or where things are going, but just working hard to try to make the most of the opportunities that come by. That's not to say that everything going on right now is where we want to be, but we are working to get to where we want to be, while understanding that the certain aspects of our life we would like to change, are helping us learn and grow in other ways we never thought we needed.
Actually, I believe that'll be "Red's" focus for these things (I need a point, otherwise I will just end up rambling nonsensically until not even I know what I was talking about anymore). Trying to gain experience or knowledge from the happenings of our life. That way, if Dutch and I are the only ones reading this, at least some knowledge or good with come from this blog :)


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