Tuesday, February 8, 2011


There are a lot of things I should be doing right now but after a brief hubbub of activity this morning I'm finding myself staring out the window. An honestly, who could blame me? Its a pretty good view from our condo. The last two months have been a blur. I went from Christmas with the family in Austin to getting laid off at one of my jobs to Port Aransas with friends to getting hired back again only in a different position.

The brief respite from working two jobs gave me enough time to get on top of my FSOT studies. I'm taking the test this weekend and am only nervous for the two essays(last time I took it there was only one). I've committed myself to writing more over this week, hence my blog post and not feeling so guilty because I am "writing".

Red has been dashing around Texas and has only spent one weekend home in 2011. Even then we were playing host to some old friends from Dallas. I was hoping that we would be able to celebrate a bit after I finish my test this weekend but it looks like Big Red, Red's older sister and Roark, her husband the architect will be having their baby this weekend. I'm excited to meet the little fellow and curious to see what color his hair will be, the sonogram showed he will enter this world with a full head of it.

I've been keeping myself busy in my free time by playing trivial pursuit with some new friends from work and going to a few concerts. One concert of note was Robert Randolph and The Family Band. While I've seen them open for some larger band, which seems to be how everyone who has heard of them remembers listening to them, watching them headline was an awesome change. They rocked, they grooved, they got a little funky and put on a great show. They even brought Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top up on stage. I left the venue with my ears ringing and a smile on my face. Music is unique in its ability to touch some hidden reservoir of happiness within me.

More to come with a post-test/post-natal follow (while adhering to the NDA of course).