Sunday, February 28, 2010

If It's Sunday, Then It Must Be Meet The Dutch

There is something truly amazing about Sundays. I'm not sure if its the brunch mentality, the morning political talk shows or the anticipation for the week to come. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoy a good Sunday.

I've spent the last week working and trying to bolster a few lagging areas I have for the FSOT. Mainly its been writing out "talking points" for different essay topics, coming up with examples for the Bio section and reviewing some grammar. I plan on taking a practice test, start to finish, at some point before the test, more to gauge the time then anything else.

My studying is starting to pay dividends. My history and trade policy knowledge is much broader now, which were my weakest points a month ago. Also, my knowledge of the constitution is pretty solid but I fret over the fact that I may have spent too much time memorizing the articles and amendments and should have spent more time on congressional history e.g. bills, major decision etc... I guess its back to the books for now.

Wish me luck!
Dutch Man


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